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Rik Deitsch On Zeolite In 2014

It has been over 9 years since Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite was released and to this day it continues to be the leading Zeolite product, producing incredible results for thousands of people each year. Rik Deitsch on this call, talks about the power of Zeolite and how he has improved the original Zeolite formula using […]

My Trip To Victoria Promoting NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting information on Activated Liquid Zeolite (NCD) at Mansfield and Lillydale in Victoria, Australia. It was a quick 2 day visit where I was able to outline the many benefits of liquid zeolite and explain the solid Science behind the technology. This was my first trip in a […]

Can I Buy Some Of Your Chocolate, Daddy!

The other day, I received a new supply of Chava Vital Chocolate, which includes 5 drops of Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite in each drop. I eat this delicious dark chocolate because it enhances my workout capabilities at the gym or when I play sport. So, when my daughter found out I had some more Chava, […]

Gavin Bragg Tells His Incredible Activated Liquid Zeolite Story

  This weeks “Our Toxic Planet” call features an interview with Gavin Bragg. Gavin is a young man on a mission and on this call you will hear why he is so passionate about the healing power of Activated Liquid Zeolite. His personal story is nothing short of amazing and for those who have lost […]

Liquid Zeolite Interviews

Mickey Dillon, Top Waiora Distributor On Zeolite And Megadefense

  This weeks “Our Toxic Planet” call features an interview with Mickey Dillon. Mickey is a double Diamond in Waiora, the company that markets the original Liquid Zeolite. On this call, he explains some of the company history, including how the business exploded once people started seeing amazing health results with Activated Liquid Zeolite. Mickey […]

Deborah Howlett, Accupuncturist and Zeolite

This weeks “Our Toxic Planet” call features an interview with Deborah Howlett. Deborah runs a clinic in Perth and has many years’ experience using Zeolite for her own health. Deborah did her homework before using the product and on this call she details conversations with leading independent Scientists on the difference in effectiveness between the […]

Sheila Decker Shares Her Zeolite Journey

This week on our Toxic Planet call, I had as special guest Sheila Decker from North Dakota in the USA. Sheila is a vibrant lady, full of energy and embarking on a new career as a Reiki practitioner and Healer. It wasn’t always this way, and five years ago she was in severe pain and […]

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I Think I Should Give Up Eating!

Those of you who have any consciousness about the food you supply to your family will no doubt be getting to the point where absolutely nothing is healthy anymore! We have an obesity epidemic in society, and there is no doubt that it is the change over time in our food that is the main […]

What Do You Get From A Liquid Zeolite Detox?

These days, for those with an open mind, a regular liquid zeolite detox is considered part of a good health regime. There are many types of detox programs, so why would you choose Liquid Zeolite over other methods? What Is Detoxification? Detoxification is the removal of foreign substances from the body. These are generally toxins […]

How Liquid Zeolite Works For Chelation Of Heavy Metals

Those visiting this site will probably be looking for the best type of chelation to cpature toxins and heavy metals and remove them from the body. Chelation is the removal of Heavy Metals and other toxic substances by means of a chelating agent. Despite the fact we have seen thousands of people receive amazing health […]

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