A World Gone Mad

I have not written anything here for a while due to being caught up with life. Getting my 13 year old started in High School, dealing with working a normal job with ever increasing demands, and just surviving.

Now, I find the world is rapidly deteriorating and freedoms are slowly being strangled by large companies that seem to be ever greedy to won everything including our thought processes.

Those of you who know me will understand that I have been an advocate of alternative health for over 40 years. I tall started back when I was 25 and was introduced to fruit and vegetable juicing and colonic irrigations. At the time they helped my partner immensely to get back to vibrant health, and stopped me getting diseases I have been plagued with from childhood.

Step forward 10 years and my second long term relationship, again with someone who was not in the best of health. Using Ecinacea, and various herbs and supplements which helped build her immune system I observed a transformation into someone who is still very healthy, mainly for not following medical recommendations over the years and using supplements of one kind or another.

What Is The Madness?

The recent passing of Tim Fischer, a past political figure and someone who shares a common passion with myself for steam trains, really drove home how crazy the world has become. Tim dies from Leukemia, a cancer that can be caused by exposure to toxins and dared to say that this was linked to his exposure to agent Orange in Vietnam.

Immediately public health experts started pronouncing on the media that there was no link, and this could not possible be the case. My own father in law died of cancer many years after he was exposed to radiation at Maralinga in the Australian desert while working on radioactive planes and watching Atomic Bombs explode from a less than safe distance. The family fought authorities for years, and uncovered research to the point that the government gave his widow the veterans pension to shut her up.

Further pronouncements from health authorities are that chemicals in food are not shown to cause any bad health effects. Microplastics in the water do not cause any harm. Radiation from 5G mobile towers is insignificant. Supplements have not been proven to provide any health benefits.

All of this research is from professors and respected research institutes or Universities. It must be so? After all mainstream media is bombarding us with this stuff consistently.

Now, I don't think I am talking about anything particularly controversial here. Anyone who has used Liquid Zeolite, or taken immune system supplements like Megadefense will know that these do give us better health. We don't need studies to prove this. We just need to remember what it was like before we started using supplements.

We don't have the research demanded by those opposed to us, because for one those institutions won't even fund research into colon cleansing, unless some large corporation provides the funds, and they won't fund ti because they are afraid there will be conclusive evidence that supplementation and removing toxins does have an enormous positive effect on health and vitality.

20 years ago, the Health experts did a long term study on HRT and its effects on women. A couple of years into this they discovered increased rates of heart disease in the group on the treatment, published the results and supposedly stopped the study due to morality. Recently they announced that the results were all wrong and that the opposite was the case and the study has now been rewritten. Can we trust this?

To me, we have a couple of choices. We can continue to defy authority and use what works to keep us sane and healthy for as long as possible, and eat as much natural whole food as is possible, or succumb to the weight of propaganda and end up in a nursing home or hospital bed with some deadly disease caused by unknown factors.

At this stage I can still organise Megadefense and Liquid Zeolite, but I am not officially allowed to sell it here. If you would like to get some more, you can call or text me on the number above, or fill in the contact us form. While I am rather busy, I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible and answer your questions.

A lot has changed in the last few years, but the basics of health remain the same. Cut down on processed foods, eat as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you can find, remove the toxins our environment is now laced with, and provide additional whole food based supplementation to keep your immune system in top shape.

Until next time,