Activated Liquid Zeolite, Is It Really Better?

As a proponent of activated liquid zeolite, I am often asked why we stress this fact when comparing our product with the many others out there. Fact is that if you read enough blogs, you are likely to get confused with all of the claims and counter claims presented. This is one of the reasons we produced the "Liquid Zeolite White Paper" When you look at the literature carefully, you will discover that most of the information presented is done to either discredit the original activated liquid zeolite, or provide a point of difference to persuade you to purchase the other product.

What is Activation?

Back in 2005 when Rik Deitsch, Biochemist was looking at US patents for new technology that was not being well marketed, he discovered a patent for a synthetic zeolite, fully cleansed and micronized. The patent made many claims, and he found it was backed by a number of Eastern European studies. Initially looked at as a possible cancer treatment, it was quickly apparent that the claims could not be proven by research without the spending of a small fortune. The great thing about Zeolite was its negative charge which meant it could remove toxins from the body safely, so it was decided to market the product for this effect.

There were two factors which made the difference between Zeolites currently available and the new discovery. The first was micronization, where reducing the particle size to less than 5 microns allows the product to cross into the blood stream. The second was the cleaning of the zeolite cage, vastly increasing its ability to absorb toxins and heavy metals. This is what we call activation.


Clinoptilolite, the particular form of Zeolite that can be consumed by humans without damage, comes from volcanoes. It is created at high temperatures, giving it the unique ability of being porous. In fact early researchers found that by heating this rock steam came out! This is what led to the research on the rock. To prepare it for humans the rock was ground down to around 40 microns in particle size and then fed to people. It stayed in the bowel, happily soaking up toxins and passing them out. For some 800 years, this was the way it was used, and even today, most Zeolite products are powdered with a typical size of 40 microns.

In Eastern Europe, researchers further reduced the particles to 1-5 microns and injected them into tumors on mice and dogs. The result was the tumoprs shrank, alerting them to the possibility it may do the same for human tumors. However, injecting the Zeolite straight into a tumor is not practical for humans!

Science tells us that when we reduce particles to this size, they are able to pass into the blood stream, meaning they can get to the toxins at the cellular level. The patent agreed with this, so when looking for an effective Zeolite product micronisation is important.

Fortunately, activated liquid zeolite has been shown to have an average particle size of 2.2 microns, so it easily passes this test. Activated liquid zeolite covers 90 sq meters for just 100 drops, so it has enormous surface area as it makes its way around the body.

Activated Liquid Zeolite

The second, and perhaps more controversial, aspect of activated liquid zeolite, is the process of activation where all impurities are removed from the zeolite particles. A good way to explain this is a sponge. When the sponge is saturated with water, it doesn't absorb much. When it is ringed out so that most of the water is removed, it soaks up a great deal of liquid. It is the same when you clean toxins out of the Zeolite cage. Over the years, the processed has been refined and it was found that including some minerals such as calcium made for a better cationic exchange. This meant more toxins are removed now and the body is left with some more nutrients, which can't be bad! Clearly activation means you can absorb a fraction of other Zeolite products with the same or better result.

Are Other Zeolite Products Activated?

Well, some claim to be. Most will tell you it isn't necessary because they aren't activated. Others will tell you Zeolite can't enter the blood stream because their product doesn't. Basically, Activated Liquid Zeolite suspended in pure water does get into the blood stream and provide a very efficient heavy metal detox. The published research at dovepress verifies this scientifically.


I hope you now understand why we have stuck to the original activated liquid zeolite all of these years. The fact is that it has been subjected to continual improvement and the product we have today is definitely superior to the original. Rik deitsch and his team of Scientists will conti9nue to ensure that NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite remains the best Liquid Zeolite product available.