Why There Is Confusion When Selecting The Best Zeolite Product For You

My Zeolite History

It is 7 years since I first heard about Zeolite as a method for removing dangerous heavy metals and other toxins from the body. While the product I was introduced to, the original activated liquid zeolite, has stood the test of time and is still producing fantastic results for those who use it, there have been many bumps along the way.

With quite a few companies offering zeolite products these days, I thought I would document some of the information that causes people to be confused about this fabulous mineral and the various delivery methods.

This History Of Liquid Zeolite

Before Liquid Zeolite, the only Zeolite available for humans was in the powdered form. The good products were reduced to about 40 microns in particle size and suitable for use in the colon. This product, being relatively easy to produce, it cheap and abundant. The good thing about zeolite is that it is safe, because it absorbs any contaminants in the finished product.

Much research was done using powder in Agriculture, animal feed, water filtration and other areas, and it proved that Zeolite does indeed remove heavy metals. Even in the nuclear clean ups at Chernobyl and Fukushima, Zeolite was used to clean up radiation. Sellers of Zeolite powder will tell you that you need a large amount of Zeolite to remove sufficient toxins, and that only Zeolite Powder works because the majority of research was carried out using powder.

Then Scientists discovered that by micronizing Zeolite, and injecting it into tumors, the tumours shrank fairly fast. The Sloane Kettering Institute, a highly respected New York medical organisation, wrote a paper on this, questioning whether Zeolite ingested would give the same result, as it is currently impractical to start injecting Zeolite powder into human tumors. They also asserted that Zeolite may be dangerous, and quoted asbestos as a form of Zeolite that is deadly.

Unfortunately, ignorance is bliss, and in this case providing a broad brush to cover every Zeolite was floored. Clinoptilollite, the particular type of Zeolite used for human consumption has no similarity with Asbestos, clinoptilolite being a sheaf link substance that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US has certified as 100% safe for humans. They have granted it GRAS status, the highest level possible.

The question then was how to get the Zeolite into the blood stream so it could reach damaged cells. Even the leading powdered Zeolite company used to suggest their product couldn't enter the blood stream and was around 1 micron in particle size. They have now changed their minds and suggest particle size is from 1 to 11 microns, and some of it can reach the cells.

The Liquid Zeolite Breakthrough

The concept of suspending Zeolite in pure water was a real breakthrough in the technology. Scientists were able to reduce the particle size so the majority were under 2.5 microns and when colloidally suspended in water get to the cells. Instantly when this product came on the market people started seeing incredible health results. You can read many of these at http://testimonyinfo.com

Suddenly many people wanted Zeolite, and sales took off. To date there have been over 3 million bottles sold and thousands of people now have better health as a result. This is the product I have been using and recommending for 7 years, Natural Cellular Defense from the Waiora company.

When Liquid Zeolite started gaining popularity, two things happened. First the Powdered companies hit back with some rather inaccurate and disparaging criticisms, claiming that only powder worked and that Liquid Zeolite simply meant you didn't get as much product and was therefore less effective, and many other companies manufactured their own liquid products without the benefit of the proprietary processes used in the original Zeolite.

Is Zeolite Naturally Clean

One of Waiora's main points of difference is that they clean toxins and heavy metals from their Zeolite during processing. This is done using vinegar and heating, and is an expensive process. Some companies claim they can remove contaminants by washing. This is ridiculous. By their nature, Zeolites hold tightly to toxins or they would be of no use. It takes a chemical reaction to get them to release toxins.

Others claim their product is perfect and doesn't require cleansing. Fact is that a sponge full of water won't absorb much. It is the same for Zeolite full of heavy metals. Zeolites are formed in volcanoes and a volcanic eruption contains tons of heavy metals. Zeolites are designed to attract heavy metals, so how could they possibly be naturally clean? This just doesn't make sense.

Peer Reviewed Clinical Trial Published

It is important to understand that you can't believe everything on a website. A peer reviewed paper means that experts have verified testing was done properly and results are accurate. If a study is not peer reviewed, it has no Scientific value – you can't believe the results or conclusion. It takes years to get a research paper published in a recognised journal and if you publish it before it is reviewed, journals will not accept it. Recently, one of the powdered companies put a supposed clinical trial on the net showing their product to be amazing and NCD useless. It is not peer reviewed, so has no Scientific value whatsoever. Because they published it, it never will have!

How Waiora Reacted To Criticism

As it turned out, this was a good thing as it forced Waiora Scientists to document all of the data for their product, proving once and for all that it is the real deal and meets everything claimed. Other products simply don't have this test data available for some reason. They published independent data on the particle size, composition (showing no contaminants), and concentration of Zeolite. In 2009 a peer reviewed study at dovepress.com meant that independent Scientists from organisations such as the University of Scotland verified that clinical trials on humans provided accurate results.

I Conduct My Own Research

Personally, I was not satisfied with so much information and misinformation, so I did my own research. First 3 people were given a Hair Analysis test (the most accurate way to detect heavy metals) including myself. These were carried out by Interclinical Laboratories in Sydney. 6 months later, repeat tests were done and the results are recorded at http://detoxzeolite.com/hairanalysis.htm I can personally vouch for these as I knew each person tested. One started with high levels of lead, which reduced to 1/12th at the end of the trial. In addition, when it was claimed that the amount of Zeolite in our product simply didn't meet label claims, I had a bottle tested by a local laboratory for Zeolite content and they revealed 2.4 grams for a 15 ml bottle, exactly what is claimed on the label.

Scientist Stands Firm

Throughout the attempts to discredit our product, Rik Deitsch, the Scientist who put the formulation together, has maintained his position. Now he is fully vindicated. Even the leading powdered Zeolite company offers a liquid product and the main competing liquid zeolite company sells the powder. Before you try another product, I suggest you thoroughly research their information. You will find holes in it!

Waiora Now Uses Powder

For the sake of completeness, I should mention Megadefense, Waiora's newest product. This product combines a number of medicinal mushrooms and the powdered zeolite used in NCD in a capsule form. Each capsule has the same amount of zeolite as 12 drops of liquid, but it is not a substitute.

Megadefense, because it contains powdered zeolite has nowhere near the amount of Zeolite absorption, but does a great job cleansing the bowel, as do other powders. It is not a substitute for NCD (Natural Cellular Defense).


Now it is proven beyond doubt that NCD works. In summary, there is a peer reviewed clinical trial, and independent research backing the claims made. As for other products, so far there are no peer reviewed trials I am aware of. We will see what the future brings. If you would like to learn more about NCD Liquid Zeolite, go to http://detoxzeolite.com and collect the White Paper.

Appendix: Well Known People Who Endorse NCD

Pat Cash, ex Wimbledon champion has recorded a video endorsing NCD. View it here

David Wolfe, natural food expert, who travels world side lecturing on the topic, recorded a video endorsement here


Gabrielle Cousins, founder and principal of the Tree Of Life Rejuvination Centre is a strong supporter of NCD and Megadefense. Read what he says.

Dr James Howenstein, well known expert has written two papers endorsing NCD.

Dr Stewart Lonke, Encologist endorses NCD zeolite