How Liquid Zeolite Works For Chelation Of Heavy Metals

Those visiting this site will probably be looking for the best type of chelation to capture toxins and heavy metals and remove them from the body. Chelation is the removal of Heavy Metals and other toxic substances by means of a chelating agent. Despite the fact we have seen thousands of people receive amazing health outcomes using Liquid Zeolite as a chelating agent, the US Food and Drug Administration continues to suggest that non Doctor prescribed chelating products are "unapproved drugs and devices and that it is a violation of federal law to make unproven claims about these products. There are no FDA-approved OTC chelation products." This scares many people off using this type of treatment.

Specific Diseases

I know I repeat this over and over, but I am afraid the Medical community simply look at health backwards. At best, the "Health Department" should be called the "Sickness Department" as they are concerned with managing sick people and not in regaining or maintaining health. Otherwise they would not be prescribing drugs with all sorts of side effects you often don't discover until your health starts degenerating after prolonged use. You may be told that without the medication, your health will be permanently compromised, and in many cases asked to take them long term or even for life to "control" your situation.

In any case, no one else is allowed to make any claims of cure or mitigation of any disease. You can talk about Scientific fact, such as research that proves Activated Liquid Zeolite chelation in the form of Natural cellular Defense increased Heavy Metal Excretion in a test group within 30 days of starting on the product. We can present our case studies using Hair Analysis as long as we don't link it to treatment of any condition. Beyond that, we cross the domain of medicine which is increasingly trying to obliterate the competition.

I say this because if you still believe that Medicine is the be and end all of maintaining health, you won't listen to me, and might as well stop reading right now!

The Terrain Health Model

The approach we take, and thousands like us, is different. Here disease becomes irrelevant in that we look at what causes the body to deteriorate to the point it is susceptible to disease, and how to correct the imbalance. This means removing toxins which are the product of industrialized society and may have something to do with the massive increases in Autism, Obesity, Asthma, Diabetes, Arthritis, and a host of other diseases, by means of chelation. Perhaps as Doctors claim this is a coincidence, or perhaps not? We believe there is a link.

Of course, we all need essential nutrients as well. In particular, your immune system needs a complex range of nutrients to thrive, and it is this system that fights off disease. As the threats to health are not going away any time soon, you want the strongest possible immune response. Dr Roger Williams is known as the father of Nutrition, and in his book, "The Wonderful World Within You", he suggests we only require a small amount of nutrition to function in full health. The issue is the variety of food to supply the full range of nutrients. That is why Meagdefense, with its full spectrum of immune nutrition is so effective.

Completeness of health requires proper breathing and Oxygen intake, and of course, regular exercise. A healthy, positive attitude goes without saying.

Chelating Toxins

There are many ways to chelate. For the Medical profession, even though they say it is dangerous and useless, they suggest chemical chelators, such as DMSA, DETA and DMPS. The issue here is twofold. These attract positive particles in the body, attach them to the outside of the chelating agent, and then pass them out of the body via Kidneys and Liver. Unfortunately, this means that the Kidneys and Liver can be damaged through prolonged use, and they also attract vital minerals such as Sodium and Potassium. Tests show significant mineral depletion when using these Chelators.

There are a number of herbs including Chlorella and Carbon that eliminate toxins. These tend to remove toxins from the Gastrointestinal tract. Unlike Medical Chelators which work at the cellular level, they simply don't enter the blood stream. They work primarily by raising antioxidant level and long term definitely assist well being. It is unlikely that they have the same effectiveness as something that chelates directly from the cells.

Activated Liquid Zeolite Chelation

There is no doubt that if you believe that heavy metals and toxins are the root cause of many disease conditions, and therefore want to get these contaminants out of your body, you will understand why NCD Liquid Zeolite is such an important advance in Chelation Technology. In addition to proven ability to chelate similar to chemical chelators, this Liquid Zeolite product is shown not to affect blood serum (nutritional and vitamin) levels, and has been certified safe by the FDA in the US due to the fact that the particles will not harm any organs in the body.

It is the best of both worlds. This Activated Liquid Zeolite penetrates the bloodstream, captures toxins and heavy metals at the cellular level, and safely transports them out of the body. Short of living in a bubble it is our best chelation defense.