Liquid Zeolite Testimonial Call

Monday night, a bunch of us got together on the phone and told the story of why we love Natural Cellular Defense and Megadefense.

It was an easy going discussion highlighting why after 7 years, I am many others still prefer these products over all the new miracle cures to support our health.

If you are looking around at Natural Health products, you will see all manner of Telemer, magic berries, etc promising to be the next big thing in nutrition. I have listened to quite a few of these presentations and what strikes me is that they promise no more than NCD and Megadefense already deliver, and have been doing for some time.

Call Details

I suggest you listen to the call either to understand why it is important to take these products long term, or so you can decide whether this is the right option for your future health.

Simply click on the "play" button below.

I wish you ever improving health and vitality.

John Gaydon