The Truth About NCD Liquid Zeolite

As readers will know, liquid zeolite has gained popularity over the last few years, mainly because of the results of people who take it. Chief amongst liquid zeolite products is Natural Cellular Defense (NCD zeolite) produced by a company named Waiora.

History of NCD Zeolite

NCD was first on offer in April 2005 as a new way to detox the body. Before that, Zeolite was not generally well known, although some Asian practitioners had been using the powdered form for bowel health for over 800 years.

The big advance of NCD zeolite was that it was activated and micronized, two important factors that even today apply only to this product as far as we are aware. Over time, it has become the standard by which other Liquid Zeolite products are measured, and there have been many attempts to alter competitive products to find some claim advantage. An example is adding humic acid, and there are a variety of opinions as to the benefits of this additive.

Like it or not, this technology has been the subject of continual development and improvement over the last 8 years, and the product we have today is far more effective than the original, even though it was credited with some spectacular results. Many of these results can be found by typing "stories" into the search engine at There is another website called testimonyinfodotcom which has thousands of positive stories from those using NCD zeolite.


One of the two main differences between NCD zeoliie and other liquid zeolite products is the micronization process. Laboratory tests show a median particle size of 2.2 microns, with 20% of the particles 1 micron or less. Science tells us that particle sizes more than 2.5 microns are unable to pass from the bowel wall to the blood stream, so we know that a considerable portion of NCD zeolite will get to the cells to directly remove toxins. Many other Liquid Zeolite products simply aren't small enough to achieve this.

Micronization has its limits, as reducing particles to too small a size leads to nano particles. There are very controversial right now, and no one really knows the long term effects of such small particles. On the other hand, many liquid zeolite products are simply crushed up rock in a liquid.


Perhaps more controversial is the activation process, the means by which NCD zeolite become many times more potent than its competitors. Naturally occurring Zeolites form around volcanos where there are many heavy metals and other toxic substances. It is only logical that any zeolite in the area will absorb some of these toxins. This limits the capacity to soak up additional toxins in the body.

The activation process removes these latent toxins making it like a super sopper in the body, cleaning up many more times the amount of toxins than competitors. As most other companies are unable to replicate the patented process used to achieve this, they will say their zeolite is already clean or that cleaning is unnecessary. It does add to the cost, but you want the best, don't you. In the end NCD zeolite has a formidable history as the leading liquid zeolite product. There are more searches for this product than any other zeolite on the internet, and for good reason. It is the real deal!

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