What Is Liquid Zeolite

Zeolites are minerals produced in the formation of volcanoes thousands of years ago. After the lava cools, many minerals remain, some of which is Zeolite. There are many forms of this mineral, and these fall into three classifications. Of the three, two are harmful to humans, while the third is extremely beneficial as an antidote to our modern world.

Asbestos is one form of Zeolite that is obviously harmful and leads to mesaphelieoma, which destroys the lungs and leads to certain death.

The Zeolites that we are interested in are the sheath like zeolites, which are non abrasive and can pass safely through the body. Of these. Clinoptilolite has been used for over 800 years in traditional Asian medicine and is known as an excellent remover of toxins and heavy metals.

Scientific Research

There are many studies on Zeolite powder showing it soaks up and removes many heavy metals and other toxins, even including Benzene. These are written up in Scientific journals. Zeolite has been used in soil management to remove contaminants, swimming pool filters, town water filtration and animal feed to produce better products.

Eastern European Scientists experimented with reducing the particle size of the clinoptilolite zeolite until is reached 1-2.5 microns, the level which a substance can penetrate the bowel walls and enter the blood stream. They found that this fine powder reduced or removed cancerous tumors in mice and dogs, which got the attention fo the medical industry.

Development Of Liquid Zeolite

A company. Lifelink Pharmaceuticals, developed a synthetic zeolite product which they claimed would reduce cancer in humans and filed a patent and it all stopped there.

A while later, a Biochemist, Rik Deitsch, who was searching the patent records for new substances with market potential, but were not being promoted, discovered this patent and got excited. Rik knew that this product had the potential to heal millions of people by removing toxins from the body. After signing a licensing agreement with Lifelink, and experimenting further, Rik was able to produce Activated Liquid Zeolite in the form of Natural Cellular Defense. He used a natural Zeolite, cleaned it of contaminants and reduced the particle size to the 1-2.5 micron range.

Results Follow

Well, once this product became available, people started having spectacular results and telling everyone about it. News spread like wildfire, and pretty soon almost all those in the know were discussing this technology.

As with anything that works, it wasn't long before me too products, and products trying to differentiate themselves by adding extras, appeared. There are many on the market now, some with dubious claims and of dubious quality. These are look at in a report available at http://zeolitereview.org

Meanwhile Natural Cellular Defense still provides assistance for millions affected by toxic poisoning as a result of everyday life in the 21st Century.