Why Liquid Zeolite

Welcome to our information site on Liquid Zeolite. Here we are not talking about any liquid zeolite, but the original and best activated liquid zeolite, Natural Cellular Defense.

This product was named because it was found that those taking NCD experienced a defense against sickness and disease. The mechanism of the product, supported by a peer reviewed published study, removes toxins from the body and helps balance pH without affecting nutritional levels. This makes it an ideal detoxifier.

You will see a lot of information on the internet about many different Zeolite products, all making claims to be the best. There are a couple of things that set Natural Cellular Defense apart from the rest.

  1. Proven to work. Over 10 years, tens of thousands have gained better health through the use of this product. At http://testimonyinfo.com many of these are documented. We did some hair analysis tests over a period of 6 months, which verified that this product does reduce the toxic load on the body.
  2. Product Data Available. The company had the product independently tested. It showed an average of 2.5 microns particle size, no detectable toxins in the product, and verified that it is cleansed of impurities. This means it will enter the bloodstream and capture toxins at the cellular level, and will capture a far greater amount than other products per unit weight. So you require much less for the same result.
  3. The product is Cleansed. The Zeolite cage is cleansed of impurities. It is not destroyed by heat or filled with acid as some claim. The process is safe and zeolites only break down at over 900 deg C.
  4. Peer reviewed study. This clearly shows the product removes toxins and does not affect nutritional levels.

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral formed at ultra-high temperature. It forms a hollow cage structure and is negatively charged. These properties mean that Zeolite can capture small positive particles and take them safely out of the body. It just so happens that heavy metals and toxins are removed, while minerals such as calcium are not, making it the ideal chelator.

Here Rik Deitsch discusses why Zeolite is so important in today's world.

We encourage you to investigate Zeolite further by obtaining the free "Liquid Zeolite White Paper", where we do our best to provide the research and information you need to work out whether this will assist you on your quest for wellness. We believe it will, as it is a non-toxic way to reduce the load on the immune system, as opposed to drug therapies that usually do long term damage regardless of the short term benefits.