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Why This Information

I am frequently asked which Zeolite product I believe to be most effective. Amidst all the hype of the various companies it is sometimes difficult to discern the difference. This is the information I would send you if you queried why I recommend a particular product. I have over 10 years' experience using this product myself and seeing thousands benefit. The information here is technical, but accurate.

There are many Zeolite products available. The one I have been using for the last 10 years and that has given us amazing results is Natural Cellular Defense from Waiora. You can purchase it direct at The prices here are wholesale.

What Zeolite Does For Your Health

Zeolite is negatively charged in nature. Toxins are mostly positively charged and are attracted to and trapped by Zeolite, then safely removed from the body in 4-6 hours. Gradually your body becomes less toxic. You become more alkaline, and your immune response improves. Zeolite does not rob your body of vital nutrients unlike other Heavy Metal Detox methods. This is all proven through scientific research. Bottom line is that consistent use of Activated liquid Zeolite will gradually allow your body to return to optimum health, and that is a good thing in my opinion. It does not cure, mitigate, or treat any particular disease condition.

Why Is NCD (Natural Cellular Defense) superior to other Zeolite products?

Here are some very clear reasons this product is different to the others.

  1. It is Micronized. Average particle size is around 2.2 microns which is small enough to get from the gut into the blood stream. Most Zeolite products cannot pass into the blood stream and only detox from the bowel. Heavy metals bind tightly to cells and to remove them the Zeolite must get into the blood stream. Micronization also increases surface area, which means it has the capacity to absorb many more times the amount of toxins of other Zeolite products.
  2. It is Activated. Through special processes, the micronized Zeolite is cleansed of impurities. This further increases the absorption of toxins and heavy metals, making it more efficient.
  3. It is suspended in pure water. All other Liquid Zeolite products simply mix liquid with the Zeolite. This process means that a higher percentage gets into the blood stream.

All of these make a big difference in the results people get from the product. Ours is pure Zeolite in water, optimized for maximum absorption of heavy metals. We have Scientific data to back this up, something that is lacking for most other products.

Anyway, I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from. You can listen to a number of experts talking about Natural Cellular Defense at They are compelling interviews. One will most likely fit your personal situation.

There are a large number of testimonials available on line. A number from people I know personally are at

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Scientific data on NCD is found at

You can always email if you have any specific questions.