Do We Really Need To Detox?

It was over 30 years ago that I was first introduced to the concept of detoxification. At that time, and now, the medical profession believed that our bodies worked perfectly well, and that sometimes we caught a bug which required medication to remove it and restore health. Thus, an antibiotic or vaccination could cure just about anything. If you watch the medical stories on mainstream media, you can deduce that nothing has changed!

Our world has changed since then, regrettably for the worse. Most people are aware of the increase in air and water pollution, and the presence of Mercury in most seafood these days. Chemicals and heavy metals are produced by mining and industry and then make their way into the air, water and food chain. Most of us have no idea how much we are consuming, and authorities aren't about to put this stuff on labels. For instance, did you know that commercial chocolate contains lead!

Even our homes are not exempt with Arsenic leeching from treated pine, a material that is widely used in renovations and construction. There are lead on the walls of old houses, aluminium cookware, household cleaners and many other sources of toxins in the home. Old amalgam fillings tend to break down and allow small quantities of Mercury into the blood stream as can be seen from the now well known "Smoking Teeth" video by Calgary University.

Why Is This A Concern?

Well, like it or not, until recent times, humans were not asked to cope with this level or range of toxic substances. Our bodies simply can't process them fast enough. That means that they accumulate in our bodies, doing irreparable harm to our immune system and other body functions and eventually destroying the very organs that maintain life and vitality.

What Do They Effect?

The main organs that try to eliminate toxins, and therefore accumulate them in alarming proportion are the Colon, Liver, Kidneys and Thyroid Gland. So called disposable organs such as tonsils and the appendix play a significant role too. The medicos simply cut these out if they become too toxic. No attempt here to resolve the cause.

If you have issues with any of these organs, you are suffering from some form of toxic overload!

What Do We Do

  • Stay away from toxic products, including most drugs and vaccinations. They simply add to the load. If you must have them, that's OK, it is just better if you avoid these altogether.
  • Use protective clothing when handling toxins. Never let them touch your skin.
  • If your house is old enough to have lead paint, get it replaced.
  • Cut down or illuminate household cleaners.
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables.
  • Where possible avoid processed food.
  • Filter all your drinking water.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Go On A Detox Program
  • Take Natural Cellular Defense. This is the safest and most convenient way to remove these nasties from your body.
  • Take Megadefense for your immune system.

NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite

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Now you have lots of things you can do to reduce your toxic load.

By far the most simple and effective is to take NCD and Megadefense every day. A maintenance dose costs from $2 a day. Cheaper and more effective than almost all of those miracle supplements out there. These products are proven and based on solid science. They are not a miracle, although to some they may seem like it.

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