Gavin Bragg's Incredible Story

This weeks "Our Toxic Planet" call features an interview with Gavin Bragg. Gavin is a young man on a mission and on this call you will hear why he is so passionate about the healing power of Activated Liquid Zeolite.

His personal story is nothing short of amazing and for those who have lost hope, is one you will want to hear.

Please join us for this call where Gavin gives the reason he is telling everyone about this technology and learn some tips on how you can help others understand the power of Zeolite.

Disclaimer: The information on this call is for informational purposes only. Liquid Zeolite is a dietary supplement and there are no approved claims to cure, treat or mitigate any disease condition. There is Scientific evidence that Activated Liquid Zeolite may remove dangerous heavy metals and other toxins from the body without affecting vitamin and mineral levels. Those seeking advice on any medical condition are advised to consult a health professional.