History of Powdered Zeolite

When it comes to zeolite for humans, it is a bit difficult to ingest chunks of crystals, the way it is found in nature. Many years ago, when someone discovered that when you heat Zeolite, steam comes out of the rock, it became known that this mineral attracts heavy metals and other toxins, traps them inside the hollow zeolite particles, and then removes them from the body.

Used By Asian Health Practitioners

The properties of this amazing mineral led to many Asian medical practitioners grinding it down to a powder and then giving it to humans for bowel cleansing. Zeolite powder is still very good for the bowels and a typical powder is around 40 microns in size, which is ideal for this function.

Scientific Studies

More recently, scientists in Eastern Europe started experimenting with micronized powder. They managed to reduce the particle size to the region of 1 micron and injected this into tumours for mice and dogs with amazing results. The tumors shrunk, leading to the possibility that Zeolite might help with cancer. The world renowned medical facility, Sloane Kettering of New York, was motivated to write a discussion on Zeolite and its possible effects. In the absence of human trials, their evidence is inconclusive. Research in Croatia reveals reduction in brain tumours for mice fed with micronized zeolite, while another study in Croatia suggests that use of micronized zeolite may reduce mestastitis.

"Treatment of cancer-bearing mice and dogs with micronized zeolite clinoptilolite (MZ) led to improvement of the overall health status, prolongation of life span and decrease of tumor size in some cases. It also reduced lipid peroxidation in the liver of mice". Ref: Anticancer and antioxidative effects of micronized zeolite clinoptilolite.

How Powdered Zeolite Works

The issue with powdered zeolite, is its ability to migrate from the bowel to the blood stream and therefore reach the cells. It appears that liquid micronized zeolite, due to its suspension in pure water, is much more available to the blood stream. This possibly explains why activated liquid zeolite produces so many amazing results. You can read many of these at the testimonyinfodotcom website.

The marketers of powdered zeolite will tell you that it is better than the liquid because of the studies, although in most cases powder was injected directly into tumors, or tests were done "invitro" In contrast, studies with liquid zeolite have been performed on humans, measuring secretion of heavy metals.

The sellers of powdered zeolite also assert that Zeolite never enters the blood stream, or that this is unnecessary. This is to counter the benefits of the liquid form. Readers will have to make their own minds up. It is further suggested that you require a large amount of powder to get a result.

Liquid Or Powdered – You Choose

In the end, the process of activating and micronizing zeolite and then putting it into a liquid suspension is costly and time consuming, so liquid will always be much more expensive than the powdered form. In any case, powdered zeolite provides a benefit for the bowel.