Zeolite Interview Series

We at Our Toxic Planet know that information is important for anyone deciding a course of action to improve their health and well being.

Our mission is to provide interviews from a wide range of experts in the various fields connected with removing toxins from the body as well as presenting stories from real people who now live healthier lives.

The information presented here is for the purpose of education and no claims are made to cure, mitigate, or treat any disease condition whatsoever. The opinions provided are those of the people being interviewed and you are advised to consult a health professional before using the products suggested.

This page is an index to the calls recorded thus far, so that you can guide people to the right information for them. These were all recorded live.

The Call Details

Rodney Lay's Cancer Battle

Rodney Lay is well known amongst country music artists. A few years ago, Rodney got sick and on this call he shares his story. Rodney told us the results of Cat scans before he started on Activated Liquid Zeolite and one month later. When you hear his voice, you will know his gratitude is genuine. He joined us because he wants others to benefit as he has, and he can do this by sharing his story.

Here is the call. 30 minutes of pure content.

Dr Curt Ficenec On Zeolite

Dr Curt is a Chiropractor with many years experience.

There are many toxins in our environment, and Dr Curt suggests we would be overwhelmed if we knew the true extent of the problem. Please join me and Dr Curt Ficenec as we discuss these issues, how Activated Liquid Zeolite helped his own family members, and why we believe Natural Cellular Defense and Megadefense are some of the most important supplements available today to maintain optimal health.

Rik Deitsch BioChemist On Toxins, Zeolite And Megadefense

Rik is our Scientific expert on toxins and how they affect our health. On this call you will hear why Activated Liquid Zeolite is the best form of Zeolite, why the world is suffering from so many new diseases, and how to protect yourself by optimising your immune response.

This information is so important, and everyone should be aware of what is going on in the world so they are empowered to protect their families from the ravages of these invisible killers.

Please press on the button below to listen to this call. It lasts around an hour.

Gavin Bragg Shares His Incredible Zeolite Journey

Over the last few months I have been privileged to know this young man. Pure of heart and full of life, Gavin is a young man on a mission and on this call you will hear why he is so passionate about the healing power of Activated Liquid Zeolite.

His personal story is nothing short of amazing and for those who have lost hope, is one you will want to hear.

Please join us for this call where Gavin gives the reason he is telling everyone about this technology and learn some tips on how you can help others understand the power of Zeolite.

Tricia Stokes - Bowen Therapist

Tricia Stokes, Natural Healer and Bowen Therapist, shares her experience with Activated Liquid Zeolite

Tricia is a long term user of NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite and uses it in her clinic in Western NSW.

You will hear her amazing journey from illness to wellness and learn why Activated Liquid Zeolite was an important part of that process.

Your opportunity to learn from an expert with a big heart, who truly cares.

Sheila Decker - Reiki Practitioner

Sheila is a vibrant lady from Fargo, North Dakota in the USA, full of energy and embarking on a new career as a Reiki practitioner and Healer.

It wasn't always this way, and five years ago she was in severe pain and faced with giving up her child care business.

Here Sheila's remarkable story and why we are so excited about the technologies we have to combat the toxins that would rob us of our health.

Deborah Howlett Accupuncturist

Deborah runs an Accupuncture clinic in Perth and has 36 years experience as a health practitioner and many years' experience using Zeolite for her own health as well as with patients.

Deborah did her homework before using the product and on this call she details conversations with leading independent Scientists on the difference in effectiveness between the liquid and powdered forms of the product.

This call includes detailed information that will help you understand more about the technology of NCD Liquid Zeolite and Megadefense.

This really is a call to listen to and will help you understand why we are so excited about this technology.

Mickey Dillon Ex Pharmaceutical Rep

This interview call features an interview with Mickey Dillon. Mickey is a double Diamond in Waiora, the company that markets the original Liquid Zeolite. On this call, he explains some of the company history, including how the business exploded once people started seeing amazing health results with Activated Liquid Zeolite.

Mickey is inspiring and talks about how he went from a Medical Rep to a believer in complementary medicine, and in particular detoxification as a way to maintain health and fitness.

Mickey lives in Nashville Tennessee, and has become a friend of mine over the last few years.

I am sure you will learn heaps from this call.