Micky Dillon Speaks

This weeks "Our Toxic Planet" call features an interview with Mickey Dillon. Mickey is a double Diamond in Waiora, the company that markets the original Liquid Zeolite. On this call, he explains some of the company history, including how the business exploded once people started seeing amazing health results with Activated Liquid Zeolite.

Mickey is inspiring and talks about how he went from a Medical Rep to a believer in complementary medicine, and in particular detoxification as a way to maintain health and fitness.

Mickey lives in Nashville Tennessee, and has become a friend of mine over the last few years.

I am sure you will learn heaps from this call.

This call is part of our Zeolite interview series where I interview experts in the fields of Natural and Medical health as well as those who have received tremendous benefits from this technology.

Disclaimer: The information on this call is for informational purposes only. Liquid Zeolite is a dietary supplement and there are no approved claims to cure, treat or mitigate any disease condition. There is Scientific evidence that Activated Liquid Zeolite may remove dangerous heavy metals and other toxins from the body without affecting vitamin and mineral levels. Those seeking advice on any medical condition are advised to consult a health professional.