The Science Behind Zeolite


Most people are aware of the myriad of supplements that are available. The usual method a company uses is to find an ingredient with scientific research demonstrating some miraculous properties and then combining it with other substances, claiming the benefits of the original research. Very few companies actually conduct research on their own products, preferring to us research on individual ingredients.

About Zeolite

Activated Liquid Zeolite is a little different. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral. When scientists tried heating zeolite, steam emerged, indicating that the structure was porous, or capable of storing liquids. Further testing found that Clinoptilolite ( a form totally safe for human consumption) attracted small positively charged particles, trapping within the crystalline structure of the Zeolite.

The unique properties of this mineral mean that it scavenges toxins and heavy metals from the body, allowing our immune system to function better. This leads to improved health and vitality.

Originally Zeolite powder of 5-40 microns particle size was ingested. This absorbed toxins in the bowel. The powder was refined to 1-2.5 microns and ingested in mice and dogs, resulting in reduction of tumours. Most commercially available Zeolite products have particles of 5 microns and above.

By adding pure water, the Zeolite was able to be absorbed into the blood stream, giving protection at cellular level. This is Liquid Zeolite. The Zeolite we recommend has a further stage of treatment, cleaning of toxins from the Zeolite particles, meaning the Zeolite is many more times as effective as one that is not cleansed. There are no additives or impurities, just micronised, liquid zeolite.

Zeolite Science

The call below is by Scientist Rik Deitsch. Rik explains why this is such an important discovery and what you can expect if you add Activated Liquid Zeolite to your diet.

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