My Zeolite Trip To Victoria

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting information on Activated Liquid Zeolite (NCD) at Mansfield and Lillydale in Victoria, Australia.

It was a quick 2 day visit where I was able to outline the many benefits of liquid zeolite and explain the solid Science behind the technology. This was my first trip in a while, so I was really happy how well it went. The talk was attended by over 30 people in Mansfield and around 15 in Lillydale, most of them health practitioners. This was quite a challenging audience, but the left in no doubt that we have the Science and research to back our products. It really energises me when I present this message I feel passionate about.

The Journey Down

My journey started before dawn as I made my way to Gosford station to catch the train to the Airport. I found it much more relaxing than driving all the way down there. After an uneventful, pleasant trip, I had 1 ½ hours wait for my plane, so I took the time to write some articles.

On the way to Melbourne I was seated next to a young man who said he had just purchased the convenience store at Royal North Shore Hospital. It reminds me of all the people who go into hospital and end up with some sort of disease or bug they didn't have before they went in. It is becoming all too common.

This guy was from Tripoli in Lebanon and gave an interesting view of the war in Syria, which is adversely affecting his family. It is amazing how when we are young we will start an adventure or new business with no thought of failure. I do believe that is how we should approach our Liquid Zeolite business.

We Arrive In Yea

My final destination was the country town of Yea. I caught a train to Seymour and then Shazza, a friend of my host, picked me up for the drive to my lodgings. The place was amazing. Wendy is a wonderful host in addition to being a very accomplished natural therapist. The house is early 1800s, and has real character.

After a healthy lunch, we move on to Mansfield, the venue for my first presentation. There I met Kerry, another accomplished natural Therapist who really cares about her patients. She also is a Bowen Therapist and had researched thoroughly NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite before deciding to tell others about it. I find it interesting that once people really do their homework and understand the Science and other information available, they conclude that NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite is the best formula to get the results people are looking for.

My NCD Liquid Zeolite Presentation In Mansfield

I had a great time information people about the extent to which toxins affect their lives and immune systems and how we now have some answers to reverse or slow down inflammation. For many this was a brand new concept and it will take some time for the message to sink in. You see, we were not told that toxins are a major cause of illness. Probably this is because the medical response is for the main part grossly inadequate. Doctors simply aren't told about it in Medical School.

After the talk about half the audience stayed for dinner where we chatted about various things. It was a most pleasant evening.

After an overnight stay in the amazing heritage house in an antique wrought iron bed, we travelled to Lillydale near Melbourne for my next and final talk. This one was principally to those who had been using the product for a while and wanted to know more.

Lillydale Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite Talk

Again the talk was well received and I heard some great stories. The kind of stories posted in I love hearing of success with the products. It is what keeps me focused on this important message about Natural Zeolite. This was a very hot day, and I appreciated everyone staying despite the heat.

Saturday morning I headed back home, catching the train from Seymour to Melbourne. It was getting even hotter, and I was totally unaware that two towns on this line would be gutted by fire the next day. The bushfires on the Sunday destroyed homes in Eat Kilmore and Wallan.

At the airport, I met a young woman who told me she was in marketing. As we chatted, I discovered she had a Network Marketing business turning over $1.5m in sales monthly. This lady's secret was sticking with the same company for over 13 years. I have learned this lesson, and these days, because of the results I see with NCD and Megadefense, I am sticking to helping others achieve not only health, but retirement incomes by spreading the word. It is nice to know that if I stopped working today, I would have considerably more income from my Zeolite business than those relying on the pension!

Overall, I would call the trip a resounding success and look forward to more. It was a break for me as well. I am excited about the prospect of more presentations on NCD Activated Liquid Zeolite and Megadefense in various locations over the rest of the year.